Health Care Sport Injury First Aid Ice Bag


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Material:Cloth and Plastic
Hot or Cold Therapy Type: Cold Therapy
Height: About 154mm / 6.1inch
Diameter: About 72mm / 2.8inch

Product Features:
Faultless Folding Ice Bags
Proven superior over other ice bags
Efficient transfer of cold
Easily conforms to body contoursCold therapy is medically recommended
Helps speed healing
Reduces pain
Reduces swelling

Cleaning and Storage:
After using,drain and air-dry bag before replacing cap.
Store product in a dark, cool, dry place.

Use only plain water or ice on or in this product.The use of anything other than plain water or ice will damage the product.
Do not crush ice in the bag or force fused cubes through mouth opening.
Do not place heavy or sharp objects on top of bag.
Do not expose bag to direct sunlight or heat.

Package includes:
1 x Ice Bag

This product transfers cold so effictively that condensation may occur in a humid climate.
Bag can be wrapped in a soft towel if condensation is not desired or to protect sensitive skin areas.


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